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Tyler James Alexander Scholarship

A unique scholarship that looks to the future of Next Gen Racing by embracing the best of the hands-on racing of the past. In honour of Tyler James Alexander (TJA) - motor racing engineer, innovator, visionary, uncomplicated, straight - talking lover of the sport, and a founding father, in 1963, of the McLaren F1 Team. 

Our Mission

To offer funding and opportunities to gifted, disadvantaged students who undertake a MSc in Motorsport Engineering at Cranfield University, and to receive a unique internship with McLaren Racing.

Through a circle of Mentors within and without the industry, we will offer the opportunity to the scholars to embrace and learn the values of working as a team; to communicate effectively, to be focussed, to work diligently and to embrace vision and innovation.

To look to the future with optimism and enthusiasm exploring and finding new ways of thinking, doing and achieving. 

Our Values

• Team-Work

• Co-operation

• Collaboration

• Focus

• Diligence in all aspects of life 

• Courage in the face of challenge and failure

• Optimism in all circumstances 

About the Scholarship

The TJA Scholarship propels aspiring motorsport engineers into a transformative journey, offering funding towards a MSc in motorsport engineering at Cranfield University and an exclusive internship at McLaren. 

While honouring Tyler's legacy, the scholarship emerges as a distinct force, moulding a new cohort of professionals poised for the challenges of motorsports. It serves as a conduit for the transmission of knowledge, instilling a passion for excellence and ensuring the enduring vibrancy of the motorsport legacy in the hands of motivated individuals. The TJA Scholarship, therefore, becomes a catalyst for the continuous evolution and triumphs within the dynamic world of motorsports.

Scholarship Summary

  • A Scholarship that looks to the future – Next Gen Racing – by embracing the best of the hands-on racing of the past. 

  • The continuation of Tyler's personal commitment to mentoring the next generation of motorsport engineers.

  • Opportunities for first-hand experience with an internship at Penske Racing, the greatest of the global motor racing giants. 

  • Offers dis-advantaged students the opportunity for financial support while studying at the highly prestigious Cranfield University. 

  • A 360° scholarship that offers an opportunity to study for an MSc degree with a full immersion internship. 

“Although there are many things that aren't great in the overall kaleidoscope of chaos that you sometimes find in motor racing, I would do it all over again.”

Look Back

Team Work

Personal Communication

Mutual Respect

Integrity in a Highly Competitive Arena

Remaining Calm Under Pressure

The Art of Overcoming Failure

Inner Resilience

To go forward

Diversity of talent within motorsport

Minimise materials and waste for a sustainable future

Use technology and software to drive innovation

Process through Research & Development

Develop a high performance mindset

Data analytics for efficient analysis and decision-making

Embracing next generation technologies


Tyler James Alexander

Tyler James Alexander (TJA), a pioneering figure in motorsports, co-founded the McLaren F1 Team in 1963, leaving an indelible mark on the sport. In a career spanning over 50 years, Tyler experienced the highs and lows of motor racing—triumphs, disasters, pressure, overcoming failures, and personal losses. As a passionate team player with a keen sense of humour, his "Tyler-isms" became part of racing folklore.

Born in 1940 in Weymouth, Massachusetts, Tyler's perfectionism and motivational skills led McLaren to Can-Am and Indy 500 victories. Notable engineers like Adrian Newey and Ross Brawn passed through his stable, acknowledging his mentorship. Tyler's legacy endures through a vast photo library and engineering notes. His impact extends beyond racing, influencing innovations in healthcare, defence, and more.

On 7th January 2016 Tyler died, but his spirit lives on through his huge and important library of photos (he was a keen photographer), and an engineering legacy of notes, documents and drawings that reflect not just one man's achievements, but the arc of evolution and development of international motor racing.

Our Partners

Founding Partner

Education Partner

UK Racing Partner

The Board of Governors


Jane Nottage


Tim Mayer
Global motor racing leader

Founding Partners

Roger S. Penske
Chairman, Team Penske

Walter P. Czarnecki
Vice Chairman, Team Penske

Education Partner

Professor James Brighton
Head of Advanced Vehicle Engineering Centre at Cranfield University

Legal Counsel

Alexander Dickinson
Womble Bond Dickinson

Brand & Marketing

Adam Vines
Lounge Design

Tyler's Legacy Collection

John Williams

Technical Advisor & Friend

Dr. Dieter Gundel

Motor Racing History Expert

David Tremayne

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